Camping – Affordable Adventures

Going CampingCamping is a fun way to spend time in nature and also to get downtime from a hectic life.  For many, it means going back to a simpler life and living close to the earth.  Even if you have never camped before and don’t own any camping gear, it is easy to do it with friends while splitting costs.

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Preparing for a camping trip

Preparation is the key to a successful camping trip. It is also easy to save money if you are traveling with a self-reliant group of people.  As far as information on camping trips, there are a lot of websites which offer good information; YouTube is a good resource too – check out information on what to pack for the trip, picking the right gear, tying different knots and setting up a campsite.

What gear to pack:

With a budget of $500, you should be able to get the following items for 4 people

  • Camping shoes – 4 pairs. Good shoes are really essential. Cheap shoes will get ruined fast and can cause injuries too.
  • One tent which can accommodate 4 comfortably. Buy the best quality tent so that it will keep bad weather and bugs out.
  • Sleeping bags – while it may be easy to get by without sleeping bags, it is a good idea to buy one. Fleece blankets and a pillowcase with clothes will be comfortable for a stay which is 2 days long.
  • Food and drinks: If you are heading out for a weekend, make sure to take non-perishable foods like beef jerky, crackers and spreads, trail mix etc. If you want to cook a bit, take items like hot dogs and canned goods which can be cooked over a low fire. Foil dinners work quite well on such trips. For those who can fish, a gourmet meal is something to look forward to.
  • Knives and tools: A basic camping knife should suffice if you are headed out for a weekend. Make sure to have a can opener just in case you need it for canned goods.
  • Flashlights and lanterns: These are essential for a trip. Get some lighter fluid too so that you can start a fire for cooking.
  • Sunscreen and bug spray: Make sure to pack some of these items so that you can stay safe while outdoors.
  • Utensils: Take as few utensils as possible – disposable ones will work well. You can use foil and napkins to eat your food. Take along plastic bags so that you can clean up after yourself and not leave any litter behind.

Take note of all these, and be on your way to a great adventure.