Exploring the Last True Wilderness in WA

Scenery of the turquoise beachAustralia is known for the outback and the wilderness, but Western Australia, is really where it’s at.

Since the Kimberley in WA is still a remote area, most of its land is natural and untouched—making it on the top 50-adventure destinations in Australia.

With all the countless ways to experience the wilderness in its full glory, here’s why the Kimberley should be your next adventure:

Adventure in Style

When embarking upon a Kimberley cruise, you should consider their adventurous nature. There are many different itineraries to choose from and you can choose to do as little or as much as you would like. Try your hand at Barramundi fishing, go for a swim in a waterhole or relax in the spa with your drink of choice. All bush-walking hikes are graded and guests can always choose the on board helicopter.

Eight Wonders

Just like relationships, it is important to get an overview before going intimate with an unfamiliar person, the same goes for travelling to a completely new region. Knowing their best maybe a good way to start learning about them, as opposed to going directly into the intimate details.

There are many national parks in Kimberley—some world famous and others unheard of. Of course, before going around like a local you have to be the tourist that you naturally are.

The Long Stretch of the Shores of the Indian Ocean

Discover your inner hopeless romantic. Do you like long walks on the beach? Better yet—do you like camel rides along the beach against the picturesque scenery of the burning sun descending to the perfect turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean? If you answered yes to either of the questions, you are in for a treat.

Situated in Broome WA, is Cable Beach. Its 22-kilometre long shoreline offers not only a beautiful scenery, but also a rich background on pearling and a multicultural society.

Your next adventure in the great outback should not be a pain to plan. So change your view of walls and windows to the wild—the real kind of wild.