Singaporean PM Wants To Keep Country’s Tourism Edge

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong stated that Singapore’s reputation as one of the top tourist destinations didn’t happen by chance, but through years of hard work. Like any other cities around the world, investing in the improvement of tourism experience is important.

ペウゲオト | Wikimedia

Image by ペウゲオト | Wikimedia

How It Happened

Singapore’s tourist record was just at 90,000 in 1964, but it increased to more than 15 million visitors at present. This is because of the country’s world-class facilities and events, including the annual Formula One night race and the Gardens By The Bay.

More Tourists to Come

PM Lee said in a statement during the official opening of the first river-themed wildlife park in Asia, River Safari, “Travelers these days are becomingly increasingly spoilt for choice, and many do not just come to see iconic buildings or infrastructure. Rather, they want different and unique experiences that are customized to their interests.”

“Fun is serious business in Singapore. I encourage companies and workers to join us on this shared endeavor, and take full advantage of our schemes to transform our tourism landscape,” he added.