How to Spend Holidays with a Twist

holiday twistThe holiday season is a time for merrymaking and reunions, wherever in the world you might be. Families, friends, and lovers take time to gather and celebrate the occasion together. Instead of the traditional celebration beside the dinner table, spend the Holidays with a twist by trying these wonderful tips:

Outdoor Celebration

Australia is one of the countries in the world that celebrate the Holidays without snow or the cool breeze. Make the most of the hot season by going to an outdoor restaurant, preferably by the beach, and enjoy your favourite seafood. Redcliffe restaurants QLD offer refreshing venues and buffet offerings for lunchtime and catching up with your relatives.

Backyard Dinner with Kids

Setup your patio with Christmas lights in different colours and spend the evening with your family grilling barbecue. You can also decorate their favourite playground with lights and lanterns and let them add this experience to their fond childhood memories.

Costume Party

Themed parties aren’t just for Halloween! Inform your friends and families that you’re having a costume party instead of the usual get-togethers. Seeing the cousins you grew up with, and your grandparents get silly with masks and whimsical hats, is worth the effort.


Not everyone has the time or opportunity to celebrate with the special people in their lives. If you’re one of those few who cannot visit their family or friends this season, or just prefer to be alone, go travelling. Travel to a different city and explore how the locals enjoy the Holidays. It would certainly be a different, yet enriching experience for you.

The holiday season offers a great chance to have fun and take on new experiences. Whatever you decide to do this season, do not forget to bring cheer to others as well. Be happy and make others happy as well. That alone makes the occasion worth celebrating.