The Compass is In Your Head and Your Bag is Light: Signs You’re a Good Backpacker

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of traveling like the Queen. First-class plane, first-class accommodation, and first-class everything—but you suddenly remember that you’re not just a traveller. You’re a backpacker, and practicality is your religion. If this is something you strongly believe in, you know that you have some qualities not found in a typical holidaymaker. To give you more ideas about this, enumerated below are some qualities that define a good backpacker.

Good at Finding Deals

If you’re a backpacker, you know that you have to prevent yourself from travelling like a businessman. On the other hand, if you’re a good backpacker, you know that you can reach Africa easily by getting affordable flights to Zanzibar and other locations. You also know where to find accommodations with the best rates and restaurants that won’t drill a hole in your pockets.

Good at Reading Maps

Consider yourself a godsend to the pack if you can easily figure out how to get back to hotel after an unguided day out. The ability to read a map is necessary for every traveller, but it is sometimes one of the skills that are hard to develop. Nevertheless, if you get lost, it is always better to respond well to what just happened. The choice is yours: enjoy the detour or fret.

Open Minded

Remember, you are travelling somewhere foreign. You have to understand the differences between the culture you’re accustomed to, and that of your destination’s. For instance, the tipping custom among New York wait staff may be different from that of chauffeurs in Liverpool. Moreover, learning these cultural differences is what makes your sojourn more exciting and worthwhile.

Fluent in Foreign Language

Nothing can make you scratch your head harder than not knowing how to communicate with the locals who don’t understand English. It can be worse than being lost. Knowing a foreign language or two can make your trip easier in ways you can’t imagine. You don’t have to take a full course about the language. You can just grab yourself a book of translated words.

Other than these qualities, backpackers are adventurous and always ready to accept challenges. This is the reason many backpackers reserve flights to, Costa Rica, Zanzibar, Alaska or anywhere that will offer them new things to learn.