Things to Do With Your Sweetheart in Singapore

Date in SingaporeSingapore is a popular destination for tourists and travellers. People of all ages from across the globe troop to this Southeast Asian city to get a glimpse of its beautiful attractions and a taste of its culture and lifestyle.

More than the simple pleasure of witnessing the beauty of the Lion City, some find more romantic things to do in Singapore instead. With its sophistication and grace, the city makes a lovely getaway for couples.

Snuggle Down at Sundown

If you are looking for a dreamy spot not too far away from the heart of the city, visit Mount Faber, one of the best spots in Singapore for a panoramic view of the city. It is best to visit at sundown so you are guaranteed a scenic view. Visit on a weekend and you might even catch the fireworks display from the nearby Resorts World Sentosa.

Bond in a Beautiful Island

Singapore may be an expensive city, but it has gems tucked in unlikely places that cost next to nothing. An example is St. John’s Island, located at the southernmost tip of Singapore from Marina South Pier. It is one of the more remote places in Singapore and can be reached by boat for just $18.

Up in the Air

If you and your loved one are up for something classy and something indulgent, head on to Marina Bay Sands. Located on the 57th floor is a sophisticated lounge where you two can marvel at the view. You can do the same on the Singapore Flyer, which is just a short walk from the towers.

There are many other places you and your loved one can go to, including the Merlion at Sentosa. If you are following a strict budget, Singapore is not short of beautiful parks, the best ones usually tucked in quiet streets. If you are willing to splurge, try city sightseeing boats for an off-the-roof romantic experience. Either way, what matters is that you are spending the holiday with the person you love most.