Travel Notes in Singapore: A Guide for First-Time Travellers

SingaporeSingapore is well-known for its meteoric rise from a simple (some would say backwater) trading port city in the east to a fierce economic tiger in Asia. This is a result of the efforts of the city-state’s first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, and his highly effective policies. Now, Singapore is a highly developed country where many cultures can be found. And for any traveller, this is a must-go-to place.

If you plan to see the Merlion, here are some of the things you should never miss out:

Cultural Tours

Singapore is a small place, and tours can be a great way to explore the city while learning a thing or two about its history. There are many museums, art galleries and even culture performance centres in the city you can visit such as the Esplanade, School of the Arts, or the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall. All of these provide you a good perspective of the culture and history that has shaped the nation.


The townsfolk of the city also have fun games and activities they truly enjoy Some tours also include urban games such as flight simulators and breakout activities typically liked by the younger audience. You may also want to check the National Orchid and Botanical Gardens.

Food and Drink

After a day of touring the city (or even before for that), you will need something to fill your belly. The city has been a melting pot of different cultures over the decades like the Malays, Indians, British and Chinese. So, you can expect a very diverse selection of cuisine in the country. So, by all means, try as many food types as you like. suggests visiting local wine shops for your liquor needs. It is a trading port city, so you can assume a lot of spirits flow through the country from almost everywhere.

These are just some of the fun things you can enjoy during your first visit in Singapore. It may be a very small country, but you will never run out enjoyable activities to do during your stay.