3 Fast Ways to Prevent Your Feet from Smelling

a man with a foot injuryWhen your feet are not treated to the right cleanliness habits they need, they will provide appropriate conditions for bacterial and fungal growth. Also, your footwear is no exception. If they are kept damp, they will harbor these microorganisms. Fortunately, here are a few tips that can help you effectively prevent smelly feet. Check them out.

1. Keep your shoes clean.

Washing your Nordica snow boots or any other type of shoes more often weakens the fabric, shortening their longevity. By keeping them clean only means that you don’t put on your shoes when they are dirty and moist. Wash them at reasonable time intervals, and wear them only when they are completely dry. Most of the materials used to manufacture shoes also retain water for long hours. This makes them take many hours before they dry up. If you are in a hurry to rush somewhere, you will be tempted to put them on even when they are still wet.

2. Invest in sweat-wicking socks.

Wearing a pair of socks made of cotton is never a good idea. Remember that cotton retains water. This means that if you happen to sweat, they create dampness in your shoes, which encourages bacterial growth. Therefore, buying socks made of sweat-wicking material can be a prudent decision. They keep your feet and shoes dry by ridding them of moisture from sweaty feet.

3. Dry your shoes after use.

Always avoid stuffing shoes in your bag especially after a workout since the sweat will provide ample conditions for fungal and bacterial growth. It’s imperative to dry them up every time you remove them. Removing insoles speeds up the drying process. Also, stuffing them with dry paper towel absorbs sweat, keeping them dry and ready for use the next day.

Here, the bottom line is keeping your footwear and feet free from dirt and moisture. Another condition that favors the growth of microbes is warmth. Therefore, storing your shoes in a cool and dry place can spare you the trouble at the end of the day.