Complementing Your Style with Your Frames

Eye doctor handing an eyeglass to patientEyeglasses may be a necessity for you due to your vision, but whether you’re near- or farsighted, your glasses are part of your daily look. Just like any outfit, you will want your glasses to complement your style. Before you visit an eye clinic in Maple Grove, take a look at this quick guide to help you find the right frames for your style.

Check Your Face Shape

Different types of frames can accentuate or tone down your facial features. Identify the shape of your face and match the frame to achieve the look you want. For instance, a round face can appear slimmer with the help of a rectangular frame. On the other hand, curved frames can soften the angles of the jaw.

Match Your Skin Tone

When it comes to your skin tone, it is first important to know if your skin tone is warm or cool. One quick way to check if you have a warm or cool undertone is by looking at the blood vessels on the inside of your wrist. A person with a warm undertone would have veins that look green, while someone with a cool undertone will have bluish veins. Match your skin tone by choosing frame colors that suit the warmth or coolness of your skin.

Complement Your Lifestyle

If you are someone who loves the outdoors, you may prefer eyeglasses that are durable enough to use in your activities. You can even customize your lenses to reduce the glare of the sun.

Harmonize With Your Personality

Choose a pair of glasses that will fit your personality. People often go with frames that are simple, but why not be bolder and make a statement with your glasses? Be loud and make an impression others will not forget!

You may be getting eyeglasses because your vision needs some help, but just like an outfit, your glasses should also match you. Make sure to identify what you need when you talk to an expert about what you want in your eyeglasses.