Life Lessons: Teaching Toddlers to Take Care of Their Teeth Early On

Teaching ToddlersAs soon as you see those tiny white pearls cutting out of your baby’s gums for the first time, it is important to develop a regular cleaning habit to avoid early cavities and toothaches. The appropriate method of cleaning your young one’s teeth varies depending on his age.

Nonetheless, the rule of thumb is to make them learn the habit as soon as possible, and make them develop a sense of initiative to brush their teeth effectively—even when no one is watching and nobody is around to remind them. The better and sooner they get used to regular brushing, the less you are to worry about unwanted trips to a cosmetic dentistry clinic in the future.

Start Using Cloth

At six to seven months, you will probably see your baby’s first teeth. As soon as this happens, use a cloth or gauze to clean your baby’s gums.

Be a Role Model

Aside from doing the first attempts on brushing your baby’s teeth, it is important to convince them through doing it yourself. Show your baby how you brush your teeth and make sure to make them think that you are enjoying what you do. Once your kid knows how to brush alone, you can brush together, while checking from time to time if they have reached the narrowest corners. You can take turns in brushing their teeth so that no crevice is left unclean, without taking away the child’s initiative.

Let Them Choose Their Supplies

Take your kid to the grocery store and let them choose which brush and toothpaste to buy. If you are having a hard time in making your child brush their teeth, look for a musical spinning brush that might just do the trick.

Find a Reliable Dentist

Regular trips to the dentist as early as your kid develops their first set of teeth are essential to prevent future cavities, so there would be no need for cosmetic dentistry in adulthood, says Perth-based Make sure to find a reliable and kid-friendly clinic in Perth where your kid will feel comfortable instead of scared. If the dentist has not done it yet, consider reminding him to praise your kid for brushing his teeth regularly.

Let your child develop good habits early on, and one of the best habits to form in this phase is proper dental care.