Setting Up an Organic Food Business

Organic FoodMore people are concerned about the dangers of pesticides and are looking for organically grown food. For many, this is the best time to open an organic café, the perfect business choice for entrepreneurs who are passionate about growing food and eating healthy.

As the health risks of pesticides and intensive farming have become more apparent, people are becoming choosier on how they shop and what they eat. 30% of millennials now eat only organic food and want to know how the food they eat is farmed. This has increased the popularity of organic cafes and health restaurants that focus on organic grains and produce.

Have the Right Qualifications

The right qualifications do not only mean the right documents. Organic cafe proprietors need not only culinary qualifications and excellent people skills but also a good understanding of organic farming. The successful café owner is friendly and welcoming and will engage customers in conversation.

Choose the Right Location

It is best to scour the area and check on social media for similar businesses. Choosing a location that doesn’t offer the same type of service is better for your business so that you could create a solid following in the area. Use social media and create an online presence to promote the café.

You should also take advantage of traditional forms of advertising such as print and radio ads. Some newspapers offer affordable advertising fees; local radio shows are another way to get the business name out there.

Secure Finances and Construct a Budget

Secure the finances for your enterprise. This can be through a business loan or a grant, so check for available grants from the government and grant-making agencies. Make a business plan so these agencies will give you the support you need.

Consider buying in bulk when it comes to organic food, organic grains, herbs and spices from wholesalers. This will support smaller farms and encourage ethical farming practices.

Look for used equipment you need for your kitchen.  Promote a recycling ethos when you buy old furniture and refurbish them for your needs.

Starting an organic cafe is not that different from starting any other business, but you can make it easier on yourself when you ask for government support, and look for wholesale organic suppliers.