Top Spots You Should Always Clean in Your Restaurant

When you run your own restaurant or food service, you have to be ready for spot inspections. While some movies show that your stiffest competition can tip the health department to make a check on you, a clean establishment is a necessity nonetheless.

restaurant kitchenYou usually clean the most obvious places of dirt and bacteria build up. Your cleaning routine should cover the sink, the floors, work surfaces, the garbage areas, the oven and ranges and all your kitchen tools. But, what you may be missing are these equally-dirty and bacteria infested locations and objects in your kitchen:

• Menus

It’s better that you wipe your menus down or replace them every day. All your customers and your servers handle your menus, so it makes sense that it can breed all sorts of bacteria. You have to ensure the cleanliness of all your restaurant materials. You don’t know who has touched your menus and if your staff, servers, customers, children and other vulnerable people have contracted diseases from your filthy menus.

• Condiment bottles

While your ketchup, salt and pepper shakers hardly contribute to kitchen extract cleaning costs, these bottles still see quite a lot of handling every day. Make sure you train your staff to bus the bottles on each table as part of the new cleaning process.

• Fruit skins

While you do not use most of the fruit skins in your end product, it’s still important that you wash them down before processing them. Did you know anything on the surface of the fruit gets pushed into the fruit when you cut it? So, cutting actually serves as sanitation for the fruit inside.

It doesn’t matter if you use a sterile or clean knife — the skin of the fruit is layered with germs unless you clean it.

These are just three of the most overlooked things you should clean in your restaurant kitchen. Always go the extra mile to ensure no mishaps with your clients or the health department.