Warning Signs of Drug Dependence

Woman in a Group Discussion with Rehab Patients

Identifying drug dependence or abuse and taking action to seek drug rehab is not an easy task. The physical signs of drug addiction normally differ from one person to the other and are also dependent on the drug being used. Since physical symptoms are never accurate in determining the severity of the condition, patients should visit a physician for a consultation in a drug rehabilitation facility in Salt Lake City.

1. Tolerance and Withdrawal

The first sign to occur is developing tolerance to drugs. Once you start noticing that you require larger doses of the same drug to achieve the same effect, you have developed tolerance, and you need to seek help. Tolerance becomes dangerous with time as it puts you in jeopardy of overdosing. Tolerance often comes with withdrawal signs such as sweating, nausea and trembling if you do not get a dose of the drug. Once you notice these signs, it is time for you to seek help.

2. Losing control

If you find yourself making a self-promise or a promise to others to cut on drug use but you still find yourself using them again, you have lost control. Additionally, if you have managed to keep your drug use as a secret in the past, but now you can hardly keep it discreet, then it is time you sought help.  This can be obtained from an inpatient facility or a religion center. Depending on the severity of your drug use, you will either be signed for inpatient or outpatient drug treatment.

If you are using drugs and you have not yet started your road to recovery, you will notice the development of familiar patterns and behavior that you did not have before.

The most common one is isolation from friends who are not drug users. Other relationships such as family, work, and marriage might also be in jeopardy especially if you are not seeking help. If you have any of the above stated behavioral changes, it is time to move into a drug rehabilitation facility and have the right support without looking back.