3 Biggest Advantages of Polypropylene Strapping

Sealing And Packing SolutionMost businesses today depend on the storage and movement of inventory. Key to this is the proper securing of said inventory. Strapping has been the most popular option when it comes to this critical task—and there are many material options that you can choose for.

Polypropylene strapping is one such option and many people consider it a good one. Here are the three biggest advantages to this particular material that you should consider.


This type of strapping is one of the least expensive that you can get. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s cheap and too weak to do the job. Polypropylene’s affordability comes from a combination of more efficient manufacturing options and affordable materials used. This makes it the perfect choice for those on a budget who don’t want to compromise on strength and security of fit—this material balances both rather well.


Like steel, polypropylene strapping requires a great deal of tension to effectively and securely hold inventory in place. Unlike steel, however, polypropylene is far safer when it comes to this tension. Steel, you see, can cause a great deal of damage and injury when it snaps. With polypropylene, snapping will merely cause the material to pop out. There is no harm caused to anyone in the immediate area. This means that anyone can handle it easily.


Despite its affordability and safety, this type of strapping is one of the most durable around. It last very long due to its invulnerability to tearing and cutting. It’s also weatherproof meaning it won’t be rusting through exposure to moisture over time. As a bonus feature, it’s extremely easy to take off when you need access to your inventory itself. This balance makes it overall far more convenient than all the other kinds of strapping combined.

These three things make polypropylene the material of choice for those who wish to secure their inventory or products.