Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2014

With barely half of 2013 over, SEO experts are already looking at up-and-coming trends for next year. And you don’t have to be an expert to start reading about SEO. The sooner you find out about what SEO techniques are more likely to dominate 2014, the better your chances are at streamlining your digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing and search engine optimisation in particular have been the driving force behind some of the world’s most successful brands. Learning a thing or two about them will definitely help you push your business forward. Here are some of next year’s big digital marketing trends:

Social Media Marketing

Next year promises to be an even bigger year for social media marketing. Expect to see social media ingrain itself into the heart of digital marketing. With more than seven months left, it’s never too late to start putting a lot of weight on your social media presence. Improve consumers’ perception of your business and your brand by actively participating in the social media sphere. If you don’t have Twitter or Facebook accounts yet, now’s the time to create one! Consider looking at image sharing sites like Pinterest or Instagram, too. You’d be surprise at how much help they can be in promoting your business.

Mobile In-App Marketing

As mobile phones become indispensable communication tools, expect mobile in-app marketing to make huge waves next year. Retail businesses will find mobile app an integral tool to increase sales and improve brand visibility. With close to half of the world’s population owning at least one smartphone, there’s definitely a niche for mobile marketing.

On and Off-Site Content Optimisation

With Google’s introduction of the Panda update, content marketing now takes centre stage. Gone are the days of duplicate on and off page content. SEO in Melbourne, Australia and all over the world will now have to deliver fresh, relevant, and interesting on and off site content optimisation.

If you’re planning to hire an SEO company in Australia, you’d best look for those that include content optimisation in the packages they offer.

With months away to capping 2013, expect many things to happen in the digital marketing industry. Watch out for bigger, better SEO-centric trends and strategies. Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you’re ready to embrace them as they happen.