Four Essential Farm Machines You Should Almost Always Buy New

Truck at a farmWhile the popularity of used farm equipment in Australia is high, it’s important to know which ones you can buy used without worrying much and which ones you should avoid.

The fact is, when it comes to investing in machinery, there’s a lot of planning and attention to detail you must exercise. With that said, here are four types of farm equipment that you should think twice before buying used.

1. The sprayer

The sprayer almost always tops all lists of farm equipment you are better off buying new. That’s because used sprayers are almost always made using outdated technology.

Additionally, when buying a used sprayer, you have little chance of knowing the equipment’s history of residue contamination. Plus there’s always the risk of the tank and line corrosion.

2. The feed wagon

A used feed wagon will almost always arrive at you abused, rusted, and almost worthless. The cost of fixing it is not worth the investment. Also, there’s always the risk that the wagon could transport disease to your animals. So rather than risk all that, simply opt for a new one feed wagon.

3. A grain combine

The risk of buying used farm equipment that has too many moving parts is that chances of the several parts wearing out are very high. Replacing or repairing faulty parts can also be quite costly. If you can’t raise enough money to buy a new one, you may want to hire one in the meantime.

4. The manure spreader

While the manure spreader is one of the most used farm equipment in farms across the country, it’s often also one of the least maintained. By the time you’re buying it, it’s almost toward the end of its life and will not pay for itself.

The decision to buy farm equipment should never be a hasty one, especially when caught in the new-versus-used dilemma. When it comes to certain farm implements, splurging on the brand new equipment can save you a lot of heartache down the road.