Keeping Idle Hands Busy

There was a time when everything was handmade. Men made their own shoes, and women sewed their own clothes. It took time, but it was time well spent. The things they produced lasted a long time.

However, the age of machines came, and society fell in love with the idea of mass production. People were in a hurry, and they wanted their goods made fast. Mass production also made products more affordable, but this came at a price. There was no time for quality in everyday products.

Today, we like the idea of handmade products, even though we have to pay a premium for it. Here are the nice things about something like a handmade blanket.

Uniquehands on computer

One handmade blanket will always be different from other handmade blankets. Each handmade blanket is literally a work of art. No stitches or knotted fringe will be exactly alike, simply because a mindless automaton does not make it. Sure, it may not be as precise as a machine made blanket, but that only adds to its charm. Each blanket will have a distinctive touch to it, and that adds value.

Good Quality

Artists that take pride in their work make handmade products. As such, they make sure that each item they turn out is high quality. A handmade blanket can last for years with reasonable care.


You can have special requirements for your handmade blanket. It could be a special size or shape, a particular material, or a special pattern. This is not a problem, as there will be no need to adjust any preset machine to produce a custom blanket.

Companies typically employ local people to make handmade blankets for them. Every time you buy a handmade blanket, you support a local artist. That alone makes any gift a good one.

A handmade blanket is a great gift idea for any occasion. You may also want them for yourself. There are many types of handmade blankets available, from baby blankets to a king-sized quilt.