Magazine Publishers Finally Embrace Multiple Front Covers Concept


The rewards of a curious mind come in two-folds or more. Magazines are now embracing the new standard when it comes to making front page covers. Industry leaders like Hearst and Time Inc.have started exploring the possibilities of making two, three, or more front covers every month.

Multiplying the number of front covers not only increases the chances of attracting more readers but creates more spaces for ads.Paul Fichtenbaum, editor of the Time Inc. Sports Group, says “Part of our job is to entertain people.And it’s an opportunity for us to be really creative.You want to take that chance any time you can.”

The digital age has effectively changed the playing field when it comes to delivering fresh content and ad opportunities. Traditional printed media like magazines are doing their best to catch up.

Multiple covers work for all of the parties involved. “It allows editors to get more mileage out of a cover shoot,” Hearst Magazines president for marketing and publishing director, Michael Clinton, says. “For advertisers, it’s a bit of a ‘conquest’ in the front of the book and gives them a big bang for their buck right out of the gate.”

There are still worries that this might lessen the covers’ effectiveness and impact. As much as possible, publishers don’t want to lose the reader’s enthusiasm. The magazine executives conclude that editors should initiate multiple front covers, not the sales department.