Saving Square Footage in Your Startup Office Space

Business persons having a meetingCongratulations on finally finding the right place to set up your startup business! But what if it’s a little cramped? Don’t fret. There are a number of space-saving secrets you can use to maximise your rental’s square footage. Here are a few of them:

It’s Slick to Slide

Instead of using the typical windows and doors found in Melbourne, try their glass and sliding versions instead. No matter how small your windows and doors are, the typical hinged types will eventually use up precious space when they’re open. Besides, the use of glass gives the feeling of openness by allowing your vision to stay unhampered and free. It also allows and reflects more light into the rooms. This trick will also work for dividers.

Create Multi-Function Areas

As you’ll most likely be working with a minimum number of personnel, there’s no need to subdivide the office into departments. Instead of distinguishing divisions, create spots where you can have meetings, eat lunch, and even do communal work at the same time. You can even merge the copier and fax machine area into the common room so your workers can also exchange a few words when they can. This is breaking down walls, figuratively and literally.

Make it Compact

When purchasing your furnishings and machines, go for the more space-saving and streamlined models so you’re sure everything will fit. Better yet, create an office floor plan indicating the exact maximum measurements allowed for each furniture and equipment you intend to purchase. Also, stick to the basics and bypass what you won’t need for the next six months or so.

Remember that you need to keep your staff’s working areas, comfortable, well-ventilated, and properly illuminated to improve their performance. Put aside your dream of a large desk or office partition for now and be content with a compact, comfortable, and efficient business address.