Solutions to Distractions in Open Plan Offices

Office room with cityscape viewOpen plan office spaces have been all the rage in workplace design in recent years. In fact, you may be considering a redesign of your office into an open plan space. You may have to reconsider your plans, however, since open plan offices have shown to have their downsides.

The Open Plan Craze

Open plan offices have risen to become a popular style of office design that many companies have shifted to. Open plan offices encourage collaboration between workers; employers have also found it as a great way to reduce workplace costs.

Companies also joined the bandwagon in the hope of retaining employees and improving productivity.

Full of Distractions

Now, open plan offices have their benefits, but solely open plan workplaces may be more detrimental than you think. For one, workers with attention-deficit disorder, or even employees who simply get distracted easily, can have a hard time working in an open plan design.

Open spaces allow for noise that can be a source of stress.

Unbearable Silence

Conversely, employees in an open plan environment may be compelled to remain quiet to prevent distraction and disturbance of their colleagues. These spaces can be too quiet, however, that the silence can be a source of stress as well.

With these downsides to open plan workplaces, what should you do with your office redesign?

Control Sound

Office designers and employers have now shifted towards better acoustics and flexible workspaces. Better acoustics involve soundproofing the whole room. Double or triple-drywall, for example, can absorb noise well.

You can purchase drywall and plastering tools from a Wellington regional supplier to get on with soundproofing your office.

Dedicated Areas for Different Work

A flexible workspace, on the other hand, assigns spaces for silent, individual work as well as open, collaborative spaces. Such an office design then allows workers to focus on their job, or collaborate with others, as needed.

This design helps solve distractions since workers can control in which environment they want to work in.

With the two previous design elements, you can keep your employees focused without being outdated.