This Is the Office Design That Boosts Productivity

Employees Collaborating in the OfficeTime and time again, studies show that work environment affects how productive employees are. The lighting, the temperature, even the distance of employees from windows can make or break job performance.

So if you’re just moving into a new space or thinking about revamping your office, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: employee productivity. That is if you want to maximise talent and skill for your business. To help you in this crucial design project, here is a guide to the office that gets the job done:


It’s been an ongoing debate for years; which is better — open floor plans or the traditional cubicle type? There’s no clear-cut answer to this, and it really depends on the nature of your business and company culture and goals.

If your line of business requires people to get creative juices flowing, an open-floor plan is better as it promotes collaboration. If the job requires people to concentrate on their individual work, then install partitions and cubicles.

For other businesses, it might be a good idea to have both — to have spaces that have open floor plans and areas that have private cubicles. Maximise your space by adding mezzanine floors, especially if you have areas that have tall ceilings.

Wall Colours

Another design consideration is the colours of your office. Blue improves productivity as it has that calming effect, which allows employees to better focus on their work.

Green, on the other hand, offers visual respite — helpful for those working long hours. Use yellow in shared spaces, as this colour enhances creativity.


Natural light has tremendous benefits for employee productivity. One study shows that employees seated near windows and get more natural light are more rested, and therefore more active than those who are seated away from windows.

Other studies show that natural light improves mood, increases alertness and reduces stress — factors all vital to employee productivity. The bottom line: maximise natural light in your office design.

Work environment plays a big role in employee productivity. Make that environment conducive for getting the job done.