Tracking Campaign Progress with an Online Dashboard

acquiring white label seo servicesAs the saying goes, if you can measure it, you can manage it. This holds true in search engine optimization where measurement is important in a campaign’s success. Implementing a range of strategies can help jumpstart an online brand, but how do you know if all your SEO efforts are paying off?

You need to have the right metrics to know which steps to take for your campaigns. This includes key performance indicators that relate to the main objectives and targets that can help make a campaign successful. This means you have to be more in-depth when tracking campaign progress and knowing what works best for the site.

Some white label vendors like, eBrandz, and HubShout offer an online dashboard to provide partner agencies tools for improving end-client experience. How can this tool help in tracking campaign progress more accurately? Here are some of the features of an online dashboard:

Keyword Rank Tracking Tool

White label dashboards can provide a clear view of where campaigns stand in terms of keyword ranking. Most dashboards can present real-time tracking of specific keywords, which may help you determine the scope of the competition. This feature also helps in developing effective methodologies for white label SEO services.

Professional Audits and Client Reports

Part of being an SEO reseller is providing clients monthly audits and reports about their site’s performance. This can be easier when you’re using an online dashboard. Most dashboards serve as a channel for regular updates on the campaign’s progress. With just a click of a button, clients can get easy access to audits and audits that can help them understand the value of your SEO work.

Web Analytics

An online dashboard can be a powerful analysis tool. Most dashboards allow you to monitor Google Analytics, including site traffic and visitor demographics. This can mean new prospects of gaining a wider market for a specific niche. You’re not only providing clients with in-depth information about their campaign’s progress, but you’re also gaining insight for better opportunities across the search landscape.

Continuous Growth in the Changing Search Market

Change is inevitable when it comes to search. This doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it. When it comes to tracking progress, an online dashboard can make a difference in every plan of action for effective SEO services.