What Causes Flow Rate Problems in Magnetic Drive Pumps?

Guy fixing pumpWhen you source magnetic drive pumps from a reliable pump, filtration and flow meter supplier, you can be sure that the pump will serve you for years without any hitches. However, failure to conduct pump maintenance can affect performance. A common problem you might have with your pump is problems with flow rate.

What are the leading causes of high flow rate problems, and what can you do to troubleshoot these issues? Here is a comprehensive guide:

High Flow Rate

When your pump is delivering more fluid than it should, it means that there is an alteration in its flow rate. The two main causes of increased flow rate are:

Increased Rotating Speed

The electric motor is responsible for powering the pump to perform its functions. Ensure the frequency and voltage of your motor is as per the recommended operating conditions. Any alterations in the motor characteristics can cause a spike in the pump’s flow rate.

Also, when the magnetic coupling experiences decoupling, your pump will experience inefficiency. Here, turning off the motor and restarting it will restore the coupling effect.

Pumping of the Wrong Fluid

One of the considerations that pump suppliers advise buyers when choosing a pump is to consider the type of fluid you will be handling. Any change in the fluid means a difference in the fluid properties which in turn influence the fluid’s flow rate.

It is crucial that you address, on time, all the problems that may compromise the profitability and peak efficiency of magnetic drive pumps and the entire industrial pump system. If these issues persist, consult your pump and filtration and flow meters supplier to determine whether you will require replacing any part of your industrial pump system. Even so, ensure that you are clear about the specific problem with the pump and model of the pump.