3 Reasons to Invest in a Bicycle Shelter for Your School

Bicycle ShelterChildren need to exercise more is a fact that teachers continually assert to their students. Astonishingly, most students are driven to school, instead of walking or cycling. This can contribute to childhood obesity due to inactivity.

The situation could change if more investments were made in bike shelters for schools in the UK. Kensington Systems Ltd outlines the top reasons you should consider having a cycle shelter in your learning institution.

A shelter motivates students to cycle to school

More students would be motivated to cycle to school if they knew that their bikes would be under a shed, safe from the harsh elements. A shelter likewise serves as a constant reminder of the health benefits of cycling to children. Within weeks of building one, you should notice a surge in the number of students who show an interest in cycling to school.

A shelter protects your students’ bikes from theft

Whilst cases of vandalism and theft of bikes in schools are not very common, they sometimes do occur. A bike is not a cheap investment and your students want to know that their properties are safe when they are in the class. A shelter usually comes with fittings onto which children can secure their bicycles, giving them the peace of mind that they need to focus on their studies.

There are numerous grants to fund cycle shelters

If you are worried that you do not have the budget for a cycle shelter for your school, then you will be pleased to know that you do not need to. That is because there are plenty of grants and funds to help you build safe parking areas. You may apply for one to fund the project.

There is always something you can do to improve the functionality and safety of your school. This year, you can consider building a cycle shelter to encourage your students to cycle more, stay healthy and focus on learning.