API 650: The Standard Model of Building and Maintenance of ASTs

API 650 is the Standard Model of TanksSteel tanks that have been produced through welding are the usual storage options for oil. This means that for companies that would like to store their own supply of oil, erecting one is important. The API 650 is the standard model created by the American Petroleum Institute for welded steel tanks for the storage of oil. This has been created in part based on the experience of owners, builders, and purchasers of these tanks for securing a supply of oil for their business. Most oil storage tanks must abide by these standards to ensure that the tanks will not succumb to the internal pressure and create a spill.

Heartlandtankservices.com explains why these standards also limit the content of the tank, the maintenance it must undergo, and other limitations and definitions.

Erecting and Maintaining Storage Tanks 

There are companies that help interested parties in owning an API 650-adhering welded storage tank for oil. Companies like these help in erecting and maintaining the tank. It is important to note that maintaining the tank is of utmost important after being built, and especially if it is already containing oil. Maintenance is part of the standards which the American Petroleum Institute has agreed upon. Due to this, getting the services of experts in storage tanks can ensure that the ones that you own are kept up to date.

Regulations and Guidelines 

Continuous maintenance can and should be done to ensure the integrity of the storage. With the commodity inside the tanks of highly volatile nature, it is important that only experts do this maintenance to avoid faults and possible deterioration of ASTs. Additionally, as stated by the standards, if the storage tanks are erected in locations with conflict to more stringent regulations and specifications, those guidelines should be followed as well.

Always consult with experts in welded storage tanks to ensure that your plans are executed in accordance with the standards set y the authorities to ensure workplace safety and in its surrounding areas.