Contribute to Conservation: Ways to Utilize Water Efficiently at Home

Shower head splashing waterWater is a scarce resource hence it needs to be utilised efficiently.

If you use piped water daily, you might be aware that it doesn’t only waste large amounts of water, it’s also likely to attract a huge water bill. One great way of conserving water and reducing the water bill is to purchase small water tanks that you can use to trap rain water.

This is just one step forward in your journey to water conservation. Here are other practises that can help you save water in your household:

Spend less time in the shower

Try to spend nothing more than five minutes inside the shower every day. By limiting the time you spend taking a bath, you can save gallons of water.

Another way you can save water is by installing a low-flow shower head that lets you use less water compared to using bath tubs. In addition, you may look for any running toilets and leaking faucets in the house, and have them fixed right away.

Use the water hose sparingly

Some people prefer hosing down the dirt on their patios and pathways to sweeping it away. This might seem like an easy way of getting rid of dirt, but in the end, it has significant financial and environmental implications. By keeping the water running the entire time you’re cleaning the yard, you’re not just wasting significant amounts of water, you’re also letting your water bill blow up.

A wiser way to clean your yard, deck and even your car is to use a bucket. The bucket method lets you monitor the amount water you’re using. It also helps to use a hose with an adjustable nozzle, so you can control the water flow.

These tips above might seem obvious, but not many people follow them, so they end up paying exaggeratedly high water bills. By using small tanks to store water while following the above tips, you can have some extra cash that you can utilise elsewhere.