Create a Beachy Vibe at Home in Just 3 Steps

View of the sea through a windowThere’s just a calming, relaxing vibe when you’re in a beach house. It’s no wonder many homeowners try to recreate the beachy atmosphere in their own house.

And as it turns out, even if you don’t live near the ocean, you can feel the same calm, relaxed vibes a beach house offers with just a few tweaks at your home. Consider trying these out:

1. Open up the House

Open, airy spaces are the hallmark of beach houses. The rationale behind this is it offers you the best views of the ocean and nature. Apply the same principle by opening up your windows and swapping heavy draperies for sheer ones so you could easily peek into the outdoors.

You can also choose to install aluminium glass sliding doors for a better view of the outside. Many homeowners place these doors as patio entryways.

2. Pick the Right Hues

Colours at your home don’t just make an aesthetic difference — they influence what you feel about the space. Just by choosing the right hues, you can pull off that beach house style and vibe instantly.

As you know, beach houses are popular for colours that imitate the different hues of the ocean. So throw some blue, green, and turquoise into your space. Start with the walls, as these are the most visible element in the house, and then choose your furniture.

To break the monotony of blue and green, you can also go for neutral hues, like pure white or beige. These colours effectively give the summery vibe, which, as you well know, a characteristic of beach houses.

3. Add a Rustic Touch

Copy the look of oceanfront cabins by having white-washed wood in your floors or at your walls, as accents. Of course, there’s also that option to add wooden elements in cabinets, chairs, tables, and mirror frames.

To further enhance the cosy, nature-ish vibe, go for materials that have natural fibres, like rope, bamboo, and wicker. Then, add some little details, such as seashells on jars, surfboards on one corner of the house, or nautical ship wheel hanged on the wall.

There’s nothing like the calm, relaxing vibe in beach houses. But the best thing about it is that you can get that beachy atmosphere right at your own home.