FBI Ranks California as the Most Vulnerable State for Cybercrime

Computer Cyber securityCalifornia ranked as the most vulnerable state for cyber crimes in the U.S. during 2016, when financial losses from such activity amounted to more than $255 million, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

The state’s vulnerability indicates a greater need for cyber security professionals. This also presents an opportunity for those that want to build a career in the IT sector.

Security Tests

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) provides certification for those who want to improve their credentials, including the CompTIA Security+. A practice test helps anyone to prepare and gain the necessary skills that an employer requires in a prospective job.

Whether it’s a small or large business, cyber criminals no longer hesitate to hack into a company’s IT network. Larger companies, however, remain their usual target due to the anticipated value of information that they gain from illegal access. The situation has led to a greater need for cyber security professionals to be updated on risk management and preventive maintenance measures.

New Certification

CompTIA recently launched a new version of its Advanced Security Practitioner certification in response to the growing complexity of cyber-attacks. It introduced the update as more businesses expect to focus more on cyber security in the near future.

According to its study, 85% of enterprises would prioritize cyber security even more by 2020. Therefore, employers would be doing their best to attract qualified talents, like offering competitive salaries. The ideal candidates for the new certification are IT professionals with at least five years of work experience, particularly those that work as technical lead analysts, information security analysts, security architects, and engineers.

Demand for cyber security experts continues to be strong, particularly in California. Therefore, aspiring IT professionals should make the most of this trend by pursuing a certification that increases their chances of landing a job with a competitive salary.