Heat Shrink Tubing – How to Choose the Right Size

Heat Shrink TubingShrink tubing comes in a variety of sizes. One common determinant is the diameter of the shrink tubing. However, this is not useful without the correct shrink tubing ratios. The ratio defines the size of wire that the tube fits in. Also, consider the wall thickness when factoring in the size specifications. The following are some of the things you need to think.

Common Sizes to Expect

Engineering Supplies shares that heat shrink wraps come in different sizes because they are used in electronic applications and thus have to fit some various sizes. However, there are smaller sizes available for home projects. You may need to inquire about the different sizes from an expert that deal with these products.

The measurements range from a 3/64 tubing with diameter sizes of 0.047 inches, with a 2:1 shrink ratio and a recommended wire 28-30AWG wire to an 8mm tubing with a diameter of 0.315inches with a ratio of 2: 1 for use in a 10 AWG wire. There are different other variations in between whose specifications can only be found with the assistance of a specialist.

How to Choose the Right Size

The shrink tubing you select for household applications and repairs depends on the gauge wire that it is installed. The tubing has to be larger than the wire with its shrink size being less than the wire. For shrink tubing that is used for strain relief, similar guidelines should be considered as long as the insulated wire diameter is considered. Do not focus on the terminal covered by the tubing.

What Works?

Once you understand the measurements that you need for your shrink tubing, then it is easy to purchase. Learn how to take the measurements correctly to avoid making mistakes. Failure to take proper measures could result in the shrink tubing sliding off when it is too big or ripping off when it is too tight.

In the end, good measurement taking cannot be stressed. Make sure you work with an expert first before you can get it right. You should contact shrink-tubing experts for more information and guidance.