Here Are 3 Facts about Grasses That May Have Slipped Your Mind

man touching grassPeople see them around, but the question is, how much do they know about grasses? Perhaps even you don’t know much about them. These tidbits will give you more ideas about these common plants. Some of them may also surprise you.

1. There are many species of grass

All grasses belong to the Poaceae family, but belonging to the same group doesn’t mean they already have the same compositions, functions, and appearances.

In total, there are about 12,000 various species of grasses all over the world. There are also almost 80 subfamilies and close to 775 genera. It makes turf grasses are relative to the oats and barley, which are popular food crops. They are also cousins to the bamboos.

The grass species can also vary regarding their needs. For instance, most of the grasses that grow in Texas are the buffalo, carpet, Bermuda, and bluegrass. These are the likely ones to thrive in the heat and humidity of the state. But in specific regions, where climate may be more distinct, not all of them may survive.

Their diversity is the primary reason why businesses need commercial landscaping services in Fort Worth. Only the experts can tell which grasses are suitable within the area.

2. There is grass in Antarctica

Antarctica is almost 100% ice, which may make it difficult to imagine that life can thrive there. The minuscule piece of ice-free land, though, is home to various types of living things. These include the Antarctic hair grass.

It grows in the continent’s peninsula and is perennial. It can live for around two years. Despite the harsh environments, the lowly grass has learned to adapt. It usually stays close to the mosses. The increase in temperature makes germination easier then well. Its number increased by more than 23 times.

3. Grasses Provide Many Health Benefits

Grasses don’t only improve the building’s curb appeal, but they also provide health benefits. For one, they can increase the supply of oxygen. A right amount of oxygen, on the other hand, is responsible for a healthy body and mind. It may also help filter pollutants and even reduce noise.

With these facts, undoubtedly, you can never underestimate the grasses ever again.