Sprucing Up the Living Room

a well-designed living roomThe living room is usually the place where you entertain guests. Make this room a source of pride as a homeowner. There are many improvements you can start with. First is the furniture, as your guests will need comfortable seats. Sofas are a great option, as they provide comfy and spacious seating.

Lighting is also a concern. It should be bright enough to illuminate your indoors without hurting the eyes. Mood lighting also achieve the atmosphere you want for your party, especially if you’re hosting a dance.

Other than these enhancements, there are some adjustments you can make to your décor. Look at your living room and see if you need to change cushions or side tables. Take note of the following, and see if they will suit your needs:

Splash Out in Colours

Matching colours and patterns might look seamless, but they can be dull. Look for hues and designs that stand out. This type of accent décor can highlight a particular appearance you want for your living room. Black and white stripes in cushion covers for your sofa with a brown and green colour scheme will remind you of an outback adventure.

Roll Up the Carpets

Accidents, such as spills and breakage are unavoidable in parties. Such instances aren’t good for some of your living room fixtures. Store away some pieces to minimise the damage on your furnishings. Carpets and decorative rugs should be the first to go, as they can be hard to clean.

Invest in Art

Pictures, landscapes, and abstract art make great conversational pieces. Deck your living room with art chosen carefully to blend with the atmosphere you’re trying to create. A Picasso reproduction, for instance, will go well with a modern living room design. You can also feature family pictures as part of the décor. There are ornamental frames available to make them suit your overall theme.

Lay Out the Refreshments

Appetisers and wine must be ready for guests as they enter the room. Bring out a table laid out with snacks they can enjoy before the meal. Prepare at least two varieties, so your guests can choose which one they’d like better.

Beautiful Spaces Impress

Make guests feel at home with a great-looking living room. Check out your selection of covers for cushions and other pieces of furniture. Your floor space should also be spacious, so they can go around without bumping into a table or another person. This will make your living room ready for your visitors.