Warning: Excessive Workplace Noise is Dangerous

Controlling or reducing noise at the workplace is important to the workers’ health and the business’ welfare. The government imposes a law regarding this, and encourages strict compliance among company owners in the UK. Employers should abide by this law to avoid penalties and health risks for their employees.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations encourages all employers to perform appropriate and ample assessment of the risks to their workers. This is to reduce or eliminate the dangers caused by excessive exposure to occupational noise, which includes stress, and permanent hearing loss. Many agencies now offer services like noise risk assessment to help entrepreneurs comply with the regulations.

As a business owner, you can do your share to control the noise in your workplace. Here are some things you can do.

Stop Employees from Hearing Noises

Sounds unusual? Well, that does not literally mean you will keep your employees away from noise producing machineries and equipment. Rather, you should make efforts to reduce their exposure to workplace noise. Providing them with ear protectors can make a big difference.

Inform them about the Risks

Information is a powerful tool to reduce noise risks among your workers. Provide them with ample training and seminar that will inform them about the risks and the way they can minimise it. Encouraging them to wear their ear protectors and adhere to your job rotation policies is an effective way to do this.

Reorganise the Workplace

Sometimes, it just takes a simple reorganisation and maintenance. Lubricate all your equipment and place the heavy ones on rubber mountings. This will surely reduce the noise they produce. Replace damaged and loose machine parts or the machine itself, if necessary.

Detect and Protect

Regular hearing tests are important to identify which employees are at risk of suffering from hearing defects and other health problems. Employ control measures and provide affected workers with the necessary treatment. This way, you can prevent the damage from getting worse and keep your employees healthy.

Providing a safe and comfortable working environment is your responsibility as an employer. Follow these tips and visit airtechecs.com to find a reliable company that offers risk assessment services in the UK.