When You Have a Curious Kid: Dealing With Their Questions

father and son using a digital tablet“Why is like that?”

This is one of the questions that any curious kid will ask. Having a curious kid is something a parent should be grateful for. It signifies that your kid is willing to learn. Asking questions makes them smarter and much more pragmatic.

But having a curious kid may feel like a double-edged sword. Their endless stream of questions may test your patience and at times, may catch you off guard.

If you are looking for some ways to deal with your kid’s curiosity, you have just stumbled an article that will help you. Here are some pointers you may need to take into account.

Just encourage them

Just let them ask questions, no matter how hard this will be. Asking them to stop may cause insecurity and anxiety. And do your best to give your best answer; do not sugarcoat or bluff. Otherwise, what you said will stay in their minds. And if your child is becoming overbearing with their questions, you can always explain to them that some questions can only be answered at the right time.

Show them the answer

There will be questions that can only be answered with a demonstration. This is where you can show your kids the wonders of experimentation; this works, especially if your kid’s questions are scientific. Letting them see and experience the answer will encourage them to find the answers to their future questions on their own.

Send them to preschool or daycare

There will be times when you are not available to answer your kid’s questions. If that’s the case, you can enroll your kid at a daycare. There are preschool programs in Phoenix  that will suit the curiosity and learning curve of your kid.

Let your kids ask questions. After all, that’s what you used to do when you were young.