Don’t Step On The Gas When You’re Tired

sleeping driverCountless of road accidents are not only attributed to drunk driving and ignoring traffic regulations. Some boil down to the driver’s physiological conditions that have something to do with alertness. Whether you’re a businessperson managing a fleet of trucks or a concerned household head who just wants to ensure the safety of children as they drive off, a GPS tracking device for vehicles is just what you need. Some providers of such products offer driver fatigue management system that will prompt drivers to take breaks when the drive is taking too long.

Moreover, you need to understand what driver fatigue is exactly like.


Drivers may find it hard to make accurate assessments of their fatigue level. And it’s important that someone will help them assess their well-being. Nevertheless, you and those who care for you should watch out for some tell-tale indications.

The first warning sign is the lack of focus. You yawn a lot and you find it hard to keep your eyes open. Another sign is the difficulty to remember a few things for the last few minutes. Preoccupations like daydreams and drifting thoughts also interfere with your driving.

Common Causes

The main causes of driver fatigue include lack of sleep and driving at times when you should be resting. These causes, of course, stem from different situations or instances. First is the biological clock of the driver. Second, the quality of sleep. Other interfering factors include the environment. If the stretch is long and boring, you may feel bored and sleepy. Medications also play a role in driver fatigue.

There are groups of drivers who are more susceptible to driver fatigue. These include younger drivers who are often inexperienced, those who are working overtime or based on the night shift, and business people who travel a lot.

Overcoming It

Rest will combat driver fatigue. Drivers have to take note of the golden rule, that is not to travel more than eight to ten hours a day. Take regular breaks, and make sure that there’s a replacement driver once you get tired. More importantly, don’t drink alcohol or take sedative drugs before the trip.

Driving demands full concentration, and you should be willing to give it to ensure your safety and those who are riding with you. Other than these tips, get yourself an advanced GPS tracking device for cars or trucks that will send notifications about your whereabouts and conditions.