No Title, No Problem: Selling Junk Cars without Paperwork

junk carsOld unused cars tend to have no titles and registration. After many years of storing them in the garage, you must have lost the paperwork at some point. Although you may apply for a duplicate at DMV with the license and bill of sale, the trouble you have to go through during the process may not be worth it. Your ride is most likely at its last leg of duty, and may already be considered as junk. Instead of wasting time and money to restore it in good condition, selling it to a cash-for-junk-cars company is the smart decision.

In Indiana, there are companies that are ready to buy your junk vehicle with no titles or registration. This form of sale allows you to maximize the value of your old ride and dispose the car the green way. To make the most out of this trade, there are things you can do to get a more favorable deal.

Valuation is Paramount

Regardless of its age and condition, knowing the value of your vehicle is always important. It indicates how much money you can get out of the deal. The Kelley Blue Book remains as one of the most reliable auto valuation tools available. This tool weighs key metrics to come up with a realistic estimate of your junk car’s current worth. This information gives you leverage on the negotiation process, thus making you a smarter seller.

More is Better

Comparing quotes from different companies is a mark of a clever auto seller. The more offers you get, the more options you have to choose from. This gives you an idea of your vehicle’s value in the eyes of different Indiana-based cash-for-junk-cars companies. By asking for quotes from different companies, you’d know which one will give a top-dollar offer.

Other than the Money

There are cash-for-junk-cars companies in Indiana that provide additional services at no extra cost. Apart from the amount you’d receive, it pays to know if they can tow your vehicle off your property for free. A generous offer is not as good as it sounds if you still need to spend dollars for towing services.

The lack of paperwork is not a big issue to get rid of your junk car. Cash-for-junk-car companies give you an opportunity to earn a significant amount in exchange of the pieces of metal that sit idly in your yard. You can use this money to start over, and possibly buy a better ride.