A Ring for a Yes, for Forever

The time has come for you to pop up the question.  How do you do it? Start with the top priority in any marriage proposal –  The ring.

The tradition of asking a woman’s hand for marriage using an engagement ring started with the Romans. They referred to it as betrothal rings, and wore it on the third finger of their left hand. The position of the ring came from the Egyptian belief that the veins from the left hand’s third finger lead directly to the heart. Isn’t that interesting?

Enough for the history of engagement rings. It’s time to find a ring that will suit your special someone’s taste and will signify the actualization of her dream. Here are some tips on coming up with a design for an engagement ring.

Aspects to Consider

Choose a design based on these aspects: your partner’s finger size, personality, and style. It can be a challenge to choose the perfect design for your partner, so ask her friends for help but keep everything a secret. Let them know about your woman’s preferences when it comes to an engagement ring.

• Choose one that fits your lifestyle and personality. A custom jewelry seller will help you on this. Present the design you want and share your lifestyle with the store personnel. You need a ring you both can wear every day, even while working.

• Prioritize comfort. Think aboutthe shape and width of the ring to ensure comfort while wearing it every day. Choose a ring with a gentle rounded inside edge and a soft internal curve.

• Decide on the metal. Rings can be made from gold, titanium, silver, and platinum. While gold is the most popular choice, you also need to decide on the carat, hardness, and color of gold. Go for titanium if you want something harder, platinum if you want white rings, or silver for affordability.

• Add some diamonds. An engagement ring is nothing without a diamond.  It’ll forever be a woman’s best friend! Even a small piece of this gemstone will make the ring look elegant. Show your love with a diamond, and let it signify your eternal love for each other.

A loving woman who has given her whole heart to you completely deserves nothing but the best and most memorable marriage proposal. Prepare well on how you will ask the question! Ask trusted jewelers for more advice on choosing among wedding bands.