Common Mistakes to Avoid during Laser Engraving

industrial laser cutter cutting steelWhen dealing with a precise craft like laser engraving, you cannot afford to make mistakes. While you can learn on the job, such a move comes with safety risks. It also increases the chances of damaging the machine and wasting materials. Before handling any laser and engraving machine from AP Lazer, it is crucial to train appropriately. Here are some mistakes to avoid when operating such a device:

Leaving the Machine Unattended

Laser engraving machines are a fire hazard. When there are malfunctions, such as belt breakage and stepper motor failure, a fire is likely to result. It is essential to attend to the machine regardless of how dull the process is. You should be in a position to stop the engine immediately when you sense a malfunction.

Failure to Research Materials

Different materials have unique properties. Each requires a unique setting on the machine before you start engraving. Knowing the temperature that a material can withstand will help you avoid cutting through it. It is vital to test temperature settings on an extra material before you start engraving. If you are inexperienced, consider setting the engraver on low speed and power.

Cutting the Wrong Materials

If you are training, you might be tempted to try a plethora of materials. This can be risky because some substances are dangerous. PVC, for instance, releases chlorine during engraving. The gas can corrode different components of the machine. Inhaling the fumes can be harmful, too.

Using a Faulty Machine

Maintaining a laser machine is very important. It is essential to observe a regular maintenance routine. If you notice that the device is not as productive as it ought to be, you should contact a technician immediately.

Being aware of the given mistakes will help you avoid accidents and losses. It pays to invest in training. You should also be patient. Working under the guidance of a professional will be a wise decision.