Placing South Korean Fashion on the World Map

choosing variety of asian clothesThe bold capital of South Korea, Seoul, is rapidly claiming the spotlight as Asia’s Style Central. With the urgency of cultural transformations, Seoul becomes the fashionable intrigue of the Far East. People have seen a recent surge of interest in South Korean films and music by Hollywood, such as Old Boy and Psy. Something similar has yet to happen for Korean fashion and the upcoming collections of Asian clothing brands.

From Various Industry Shows to Seoul Fashion Week

In 2008, various fashion industry shows in Korean started promoting themselves as a singular event: Seoul Fashion Week. Billed before as the Seoul Collection and the Korean Fashion Designers Association Show, the change gave homegrown fashion designers the confidence and attitude to promote South Korean fashion on the international market. This is why more and more Korean clothing online stores and outlets mass-produce collections in as fast as one day.

The Seoul Fashion Week has made it a stated mission to elevate themselves into the top fashion week events worldwide, including New York, Milan, Paris, and London. The event planners of the show, however, aren’t ready for the likes of Anna Wintour to take the front row seats and show up with their notepads.

The Buzz Needed for Medium-Level Fashion Outlets

Just like everything else in the world, success takes time. There needs to be enough hype by notable medium-level fashion outlets before the major international fashion media take notice of the South Korean fashion. To reach the global level, there should be enough English-speaking bloggers, magazine writers, and journalists doing stories on Korean fashion. This will generate the buzz they need to mark their place on the global fashion map.

Seoul’s New Fashion Attitude

South Korea has come a long way since the 1970s when police officers stopped women on the streets to check the length of their skirts. The streets are now lined with global and homegrown fashion brands. Seoul is also dominating the online world, as more fashion clothing online stores started producing Korean apparel.

There’s no doubt that the South Korean style and Asian fashion clothing will be as big as Milan, Paris, London, and New York in the future. With Seoul’s fundamental desire for quality craftsmanship and perfection, the capital will continue to grow in the fashion market.