Revealing the Ancient Wonders of the Chinese Jades

The popularity of the Chinese jade is unquestionable. Since the ancient times, the Chinese have long adored the power of this precious gemstone.  Emperors from countless dynasties have made this gem a part of their heritage.  The green jade in particular is one of the most valuable varieties.

Ancient people in China believed that the Chinese jade has mystical origins.  People say it contains the essence of life and the earth itself.  This is why jades are highly popular gifts and is often passed down to generations as cherished heirlooms.

Jades in Different Culture

In addition to China and the Far East, jade also holds significant meanings in other culture. In Mexico, locals believe that the gem contains the essence of the rain goddesses and is a powerful weapon against drought and famine.  The Aztec’s also believed that jade can see through the heart of any person, and is often used in criminal trials to ascertain the innocence or guilt of the accused.
Of course, it’s in China where jade is most popular.  The following are just some of the popular beliefs attributed to this precious gem:

Jade as a Symbol of Purity

The unblemished colour of jade symbolizes purity.  As an ancient heirloom, Chinese families believe that the gem has the ability to pass from one owner to the other without ever being tainted.  It’s an on-going tradition in many traditional Chinese families to pass down jade jewelleries as historical heirloom pieces.  It is often a reminder for the next owner of the untarnished virtue of its previous owner and a constant reminder to never bring disgrace to the family.

Jade as the Healing Stone

In addition to symbolizing purity, jade is also popular for its healing properties.  People in China believe that the gem stimulates healing and restoration.  The ancient Chinese believed that the deep green colour attracts positive mystical properties that activate the gem’s innate healing powers. It also repels evil energies and spirits that seek to destroy human life.  A popular belief about the jade is that the longer it is passed down, the clearer its colour becomes.

While the true power of the jade is yet to be revealed, there’s no doubt that it’s a beautiful gem worthy of respect and admiration.  If you’re looking start a collection of ancient jade art, is a good place to start checking.  Browse through their wide collection and marvel at the beauty and the mystery of this precious gem.