The Gift of Experience for His and Her Birthday

birthday gift ideas

Giving someone a birthday gift can be quite challenging. You don’t know if that person will like your gift or if he or she will be able to use it. To make gift giving easier, it’s a good idea to give them something they can experience and not something that might just potentially sit in the back of their closet. This means giving them the gift of experience.

For him

There’s no question about it, men love adventure. This is why if you’re thinking of what to give him for his birthday then experience gifts that bring him that rush can be the perfect choice. Give him experience gifts of indoor snowboarding or skiing. You could even take him on a yacht adventure if he’s the type who likes to go sailing.

Some men, however, are more into the finer things in life. If this is the case, then take him on a day of wine tasting and wine creation. If he’s not into wine, then hiring a private chef for a day would be a good idea.

For her

If your lady loves to be pampered then the best gift idea for her would be a spa treatment. There are many kinds of spa treatments to choose from. There are chocolate spas, gold leaf facials, and even spa parties for four if she wants to bring her friends along.

If she’s the artsy type who likes making things with her hands, then flower arrangement sessions, sewing workshops, or painting for fun would be great ideas for experience gifts.

Giving gifts of experience are definitely worth the money because it’s easier to determine if the person you’re giving it to will like it. For example, giving your boyfriend skate shoes for his birthday because he’s a skater won’t mean he will love those shoes. You still have to consider his colour, design and brand preferences. There’s even a slight chance that the shoes you bought don’t fit him right!

Unlike if you give him a skating experience gift, he’s sure to love it! This is why whether you’re giving your gift for a man or a woman, experience gifts are the best way to go.