Why Traditional Dentures Should No Longer Be the First Option

Replace Your Old DenturesFor many decades now, traditional dentures have been the common remedy for tooth loss. You probably have a long line of family members who have used them. Your mum wears them, your grandmother wears them and her mother before her. But that was some fifty years ago, when technology deprived the world of better and more convenient solutions.

Today, when technology has given us so much, it seems a bit unreasonable to stick to “just okay” when you can have the best. Let’s focus this perspective on the use of traditional dentures.

Disadvantages: from pain to embarrassment

There are numerous reasons to give up the old dentures. First of all, they can be extremely awkward and painful. The materials used in this prosthesis are not advanced enough to look 100% natural, or perfectly mould into the gums and mouth. This can result in discomfort, a constant reminder that you have an artifice attached inside your mouth.

Over time, the tooth bone can deteriorate, which can cause the dentures to loosen. This makes laughing, eating, sneezing or coughing a conscious effort. Imagine the anticipation (and horror) of having your false teeth fall out of your mouth in a crowded room.

Well, it does have its sole advantage – its affordability. But it offers no other incentive to stick to them, unless you are fine with a lifetime of discomfort and occasional humiliation. If not, you should probably start considering other options, like implant-retained dentures.

Why should you turn to implant-retained dentures?

The country has long embraced this technology, yet not many seem to be as knowledge about it as they should be. For example, in Richmond, dentures have come a long way from their old, low-tech form. Unlike the traditional prosthetics, implant-retained dentures are more stable and secure. They are anchored to implants, rather than your gums, providing better support with no adverse effect to your speech. They are also designed to look as natural and lifelike as the original teeth.

Overall, they improve your quality of life as it enables proper eating, talking and laughing, not to mention it increases your self-confidence. It is not a question of why you should turn to implant-retained dentures and give up traditional braces, but of why not?