4 Top Tips for Hiring a Competent Welding Contractor

two men welding a metal wallFor many people, DIY projects are a lot of fun. But when it comes to metal work and welding, few amateurs have the skills to do tasks competently. Advantage Manufacturing Ltd. explains that welding requires particular skills that only trained and certified contractors possess. With many welding shops in Edmonton, how do you determine which contractor to call? Here are four guidelines to help you.

Follow where references lead

The best way to find a trustworthy professional is by being referred to them by satisfied previous clients. Inquire from colleagues, neighbors, friends, and relatives whether they can recommend an outstanding welding contractor they’ve worked with before. Chances are they’ll drop a few names you can choose from.

Meet and talk with a welder

Now that you have two or three contractors you’ve been referred to, it’s time to arrange a meeting with each of them. While conversing with each, gauge whether they seem knowledgeable about their art. Ask to see some of their welds. The best welders will only be too happy to show off their work. If you like what you see, proceed to the next step.

Inquire about insurance

The majority of top welding companies will have insurance. However, it’s still important to ask about it just so you are sure. Metal is heavy, and you want to be sure you are covered in case it falls and breaks something or, God forbid, injures someone. If your welder isn’t insured, talk to the next one on the list.

Inquire about price

If you are satisfied with everything else about a contractor, it’s time to inquire how much they charge for their services. Sure, you aren’t looking for rock-bottom fees, but it’s highly unlikely you are excited to fork out a fortune. Choose the contractor with the most reasonable fees.

When looking for a welder, you want someone who can fix something once and for all, and at the right price. By using a few tactics, you can find the best contractor for your needs.