Breathe It In: What Makes Your Breath Smell Really Bad?

breatheBad breath may not be a medical emergency that causes alarm, but a great number of people suffer with this upsetting problem. The worst part is if your breath has a foul odour, you’re often the last one to know.

There are different ways to treat this problem, but before doing anything, you may want to learn how your breath ended up smelling bad in the first place. Here are some possible causes:

Food particles

Most cases of bad breath are due to leftover food particles that build up within the mouth. When food particles between your teeth decay, they produce a sulphur compound that causes the unpleasant odour.

Morning breath

Most have bad breath after a night’s sleep. This is a normal occurrence as the mouth tends to become dry overnight. You should notice improvement as soon as the flow of saliva increases after you start eating breakfast.

Dryness of the mouth

When your mouth gets dry often, its cleansing mechanism will not work properly. Since that prevents bad odour, dry mouth may lead to the foul smell. Some of the most common causes of dryness include dehydration and drug side-effect. If you are taking medication, ask your doctor about its effects on your breath. To be on the safe side, you can also change your toothpaste, use a room vaporizer or try BreezeCare for oral problems.

Certain foods and drinks

Some food items contain chemicals that can enter the blood stream and emit odour when breathed out. Garlic, spicy dishes and alcoholic drinks are among the common culprit. Fortunately, bad breath caused by the food you eat is only temporary. You can easily treat it by avoiding those foods and drinks. However, if you eat spicy food every day, your breath may constantly have a distinctive smell.

People, especially family members and friends, won’t tell you about your bad breath up front because they want to avoid hurting your feelings. To detect if you have bad breath, lick the inside area of your wrist.

Wait for a few seconds and then smell the part you licked. If there’s quite an unpleasant smell, it’s likely that you have bad breath. Once you are certain about it, you may visit your dentist for consultation.