Final Lapse: What to Do with Your Lapsed Auto Insurance

A lapsed car insurance, be it for a short duration or not, is risky business.You will face serious consequences, like license suspension, if you will not renew your insurance coverage immediately. Your insurance standing will be compromised as well. Follow these steps to get back on the road again:

Contact your previous insurance provider

It’s best if you could contact your Indiana auto insurance provider as soon as possible. You’ll face higher surcharges if you delay this.Request a reinstatement and consult your insurance provider on the right measures to take.

There are two kinds of reinstatement. You can choose to leave the policy lapse on record and get new terms and effective dates. Or, you can continue with your previous policy; it’s as if you haven’t incurred an insurance lapse. Note though that claiming a reinstatement is hard enough; two reinstatement in a span of three years is almost impossible to do. Consider this as your last resort.

Build your insurance standing
As much as possible, avoid being branded as a high-risk driver. High-risk drivers are those who have past serious traffic violations or accidents. You will have a hard time looking for a good insurance provider in Indiana if you have a less than stellar driving record.Before you look for insurance carriers that can accommodate your situation, you must build your insurance standing first.

Strengthen your insurance standing by making payments before the deadline.Track your insurance coverage. This will help bolster your chances of being reinstated.Any insurance carrier will not risk offering reinstatement to habitual late payers. Paying on time will help you in the event that you have a lapsed insurance in Indiana.

It’s best if you are prepared to pay the full amount. In order to erase the insurance lapse on your record, you have to show that you can make amends for your lapse. Paying in full sends a positive message to your insurance providers.

Don’t Drive
For best measure, don’t drive your car at all. This will lessen the chance of any untoward events like accidents and traffic violations from happening. If you have to use your vehicle for emergency reasons, ask your friend or a loved one to drive instead. ’Don’t underestimate the risks.

In the end, the decision is yours to make. You can choose to continue with your lapsed car insurance or find agencies that can help you find the best insurance firm. Visit this website to learn more about competitive and complete auto insurance coverage.