Is It Safe to Buy Used Farm Equipment?

Farmer driving a TractorSome experts said that buying used farm equipment comes with your level of experience in agriculture.

This means novice farmers are better off buying something new instead of a second-hand asset, whether it is an orchard ladder or a quad bike. In New South Wales (NSW), farm safety is important due to the industry’s notoriety for vehicular accidents.

Hand-Me-Down Purchases

Some skills for assessing the condition of used farm machinery include a level of familiarity with machine specifications and features. For instance, those who look for a tractor should only stick to what they really need for their farms. Being distracted by the machine’s unique features would be a waste of time and money even if it’s a fully-equipped machine.

Do not forget to do your research when buying second-hand equipment from different brands, particularly when it comes to quad bikes. You should also take advantage of incentives, such as the NSW government’s rebates for replacing an old quad bike.

Quad Bike Safety

NSW farmers may receive up to $1,000 if they replace their current quad bike with a safer one or install safety equipment. The project started in July 2016 and since then, the state government has offered around $1.6 million in safety rebates.

The state likewise decided to increase the budget for the Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program to $3.7 million. The initiative will be helpful in reducing the number of vehicle-related accidents on farms. Matt Kean, NSW Better Regulation Minister, said that quad bikes are responsible for 240 fatalities in the country since 2001, based on AgHealth Australia data.

Workplace safety is important for farms to comply with rules and avoid costly lawsuits from employees. This is particularly important for farm owners and managers who oversee operations in orchards and forests, where the risks of accidents are often high.