Lost in Space: Creating the Illusion of Space in Your Home

home spaceWith a growing family, there is always the need to have more space in your home. You do not need to buy a big house to have enough and functional space. You can use what you have now and maximise it by simply creating an illusion of bigger space.

Go Vertical

The entryway makes the first impression. It should be functional and spacious so that when people come, they have an area where they can move freely. There should be enough space where family and guests can leave their boots and hang their coats.

Visiononeprojects.com.au believes that even if you have a small space in the entryway, you can make it look bigger by adding features that will create the illusion of space. One thing you can do is install vertical beams. Vertical lines redefine space and they are especially useful when you have an entryway that has a low ceiling. It will create a high ceiling effect and make the space seem bigger.

Vary Ceiling Height

You can distinguish one room from another not just by putting up walls, but varying the ceiling heights. Add a little bit of contrast to your rooms by lowering the ceiling in the kitchen, for example, and having a high ceiling in the living area. To guide you which rooms need high or low ceilings, experts say that the general rule is this: big rooms, high ceilings; small rooms, low ceilings.

Install Glass Walls

Instead of using concrete walls to divide rooms, you can mount transparent glass walls. It shows continuity in the space and therefore makes the space look bigger. It may be difficult installing ceiling-to-floor glass walls, but you can hire a professional for this.

There are tons of ways to maximise your small space. Read through design magazines and websites for more useful tips.