Make Your Employees Feel that They Belong

A sense of belonging—defined as the human emotional need to be accepted—is important to employee performance. According to a study, workers who feel they “fit in” or belong in a work environment perform better at team exercises, are more productive, and less likely to make decisions that may harm their colleagues.

t-shirt embroideryBuilding a sense of belongingness in the workplace starts when employees feel valued and appreciated, and when they see that the job they perform contributes to the overall growth and success of the organisation.

Here are some tips to ensure your people feel at home in the workplace:

Welcome New Employees

New and unfamiliar situations cause a sense of isolation and nervousness, so make it imperative for the entire team to welcome newcomers. Ask questions about them, orient them, and always keep the line of communication open. Introduce them formally during huddles and assign a specific person who can show them the ropes.

Discourage Division

The formulation of socially-exclusionary circles and in-groups happen when employees spend an increased amount of time together. While this is inevitable, stress the importance of expanding their network. Team buildings and seminar workshops provide avenues for interaction and bonding between employees, so host one at least once or twice a year.

Provide a Company Uniform

Yes—even the simple act of providing uniforms to your employees can instil a sense of belongingness. Giving shirts with embroidered company logo creates a professional environment, promotes your business, and provide your staff with a sense of pride.

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Encourage Participation

Encourage participation among your staff by allowing them to speak up during meetings and huddles. When employees know their input is valued, the more they are likely to participate. This also increases their engagement and commitment to the team and its projects.

Your employees can be a positive reflection of your organisation—but only if they feel valued and appreciated. Promote a sense of belongingness in the workplace by taking the steps to making them feel at home.