The Grape Escape: Let Your Taste Buds Go on Vacation

quality wines

Wines are perfect drinks for different occasions. They go perfectly well with a wide variety of dishes. When adding one to your menu, it’s important to know how to look for great tasting quality wines. Serving the perfect bottle will not only enhance your guests’ dining experience. It will also impress them, especially if you’re entertaining visitors who are knowledgeable with wines.

Be the perfect host and show your friends your expertise on wine by learning about some characteristics you should look for.


When it comes to wine quality, balance shows how the four important components of wine blend into a perfect product. These are acidity, alcohol, sweetness, and tannin. You can tell a balanced wine when it doesn’t taste like harsh tannin and it isn’t too sweet. Tannin is a plant compound that is responsible for the dry or bitter quality of wines. For most people, wines with high tannin levels are less desirable than those with low levels.


Some people don’t mind drinking a simple kind of wine. Wine experts, however, consider a bottle that offers different flavours and aromas better than a straightforward kind of wine.


Finish is the aftertaste. It’s the impression you have on the back of your mouth and in your throat after drinking wine. When you drink a high quality kind of wine, you’ll still taste some of its flavour, such as its spiciness or fruitiness, after drinking it. When a wine has a bitter or hot finish, it means it contains too much tannin or alcohol.


This describes the impression the wine gives you as it goes along your palate. For instance, you may find a wine that allows you to taste its full flavour in your mouth. There are also those that give a strong impression as soon as you taste them but lose their flavour as they go across the length of your palate. These are short wines.


This characteristic tells you whether a product stayed true to its type or not. To determine a wine’s typicity, you have to know the taste of the different types of wine. For instance, Merlot-based wines can be fruity with high tannic content. Some Merlot wines have smooth, soft, and fruity characteristics with low tannin content.

Share a high quality bottle of wine with great friends over delicious foods. Learn about modern methods of making wine and you won’t have a difficult time looking for the perfect bottle.