Why Leaky Pipes Are Inexcusable in Australia

pipes under sinkWater pipes in Australia need to be free from leakage, especially now that water shortage in some regions could be worse in the coming years.

Poly pressure pipe systems and fittings are usually a good choice for water distribution. Some cities should be particularly conscious about saving water, due to the looming risk of water shortage that is noticeable in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Low Supply

In Melbourne, for instance, a report estimated that the city might run out of water in the next ten years. Suppliers in the city are now planning for alternative solutions, although it could be difficult to implement due to rising consumption by a larger population.

Changing weather doesn’t help either. By 2028, the drought level in the country will continue to become worse. The best scenario for Melbourne is when the water shortage happens within 50 years instead of ten.

Even if it does happen by 2068, however, the city’s population would double by 2065 that only indicates higher demand.

Contingency Plans

Aside from installing leak-free pipes, desalination has been the solution for other cities such as Perth. It has now depended more on its two facilities than storing water run-off and surface storage. Groundwater has been a source of potable water as well.

The underlying impact of a shortage also involves prices. It’s not surprising why utility companies are charging steep rates, amid high operational costs.

If you think desalination is the answer, it would be expensive to sustain operations. In Sydney alone, the city spends more than $500,000 per day despite not using it since 2012.

The private and public sectors should consider proven models for leak-free water pipelines like thermoplastic systems and solutions. When choosing a pipe manufacturer or supplier, pick the one with decades-long research efforts to improve water distribution. How does your city try to save water?