You Probably Don’t Need a Larger Warehouse

Warehouse ShelvesYou know how challenging it has been of late to manage your warehouse, which seems to be running out of floor space. Well, almost all manufacturers are victims of this, primarily if you handle huge, seasonal consignments, which makes relocating to a larger warehouse or expanding the floor space of the present one quite an expensive (and unnecessary) investment. That leaves maximising every inch of your warehouse one of the quick solutions that are cost friendly.

How’s that possible? Here are a few four strategies you can consider doing:

Call for Help

Material handling is a critical step when considering warehouse space management. Wall bracket manufacturers can help in offering warehouse space management solutions, including recommending the correct materials for storing and handling your consignments.

Utilise Vertical Spaces

The space at the receiving area of your warehouse is often never well utilised. You can mount a wall bracket to hold a tablet or other inventory taking electronics instead of using a desk and use the space for extra storage. Moreover, you can add storage locations just above the door as long as they don’t interfere with the safe moving of items and use of machines.

Build a Mezzanine

Using mezzanine floors is a cost-effective way to increase storage capacity. They can double up as extra floor space, and since they don’t require support from the existing building, they don’t compromise the structural integrity of your warehouse. You can use these floors for your office, meeting rooms or lunchroom.

Take Advantage of Automated Systems

A computerised system can hold a large volume of items while at the same time, eliminate human errors in inventory management. Automated warehouse systems increase efficiency and accuracy, without losing the flow of operation in a warehouse.

To consider which method would work best for you, thoroughly understand the nature of your inventory. Warehouse space should be consistent with the items stored in your warehouse. You’ll realise you don’t need to rent a larger facility once you begin utilising every space of your warehouse.